Ecoshelta is the Environmentally and ecologically appropriate prefabricated modular building solutions for the Twenty First Century




West End Beach House

Ecoshelta e.pods and bigpods are both high quality, high tech, sustainable, architect designed, prefabricated, remote area, modular dwelling systems.  The e.pod is designed for rugged or exposed terrain deployment and the Bigpod more suited to residential buildings.

They are extendable, relocatable, robust and long-lived.

They have been designed and developed over twenty years, these are state of the art, practical and environmentally sound buildings.

Made from space-age alloy, our e.pods and bigpods can be easily transported and erected anywhere, in as little as a day, for an oceanfront retreat, ecotourism accommodation, studio or any number can be joined together in limitless designs to make delightful, luxurious homes.

Cutting edge details, materials, finishes and fabrication systems are carefully selected for minimal environmental impact.

 West End Beach House Front Aspect

  West End Beach House

The ecoshelta system uses an independent structural alloy frame and integrated modular interchangeable infill panel system. This system allows for a high degree of flexibility in floor plan and functionality of the buildings. There are no fixed patterns of wall and door elements as these are fully interchangeable and can be easily modified and altered at any stage. Full width sliding or bi-folding door tracks are integrated into the portal frames.

The frame is manufatured from fully welded marine grade structural aluminium alloy portal elements with a unique new junctioning system developed specifically for the ecoshelta. These elements are shipped as a flat pack bundle and site assembled according to an easily followed step by step assembly manual delivered with the ecoshelta pods. Supervisors or full assembly crews are available to assist with buildings if required.

Each element weighs less than 40kg and can be easily handled by two people. The entire frame can be lifted by a few willing hands once assembled on the ground and accurately positioned on footings as required. No cranes or heavy lifting machinery are needed.

The floor panels are manufactured with an insulated alloy core frame and can be clad in a range of materials. Bamboo, Australian Hardwood flooring or 20mm plantation plywood sealed flooring sheets are available in stock. The floor panels are sealed with natural oils.

The doors are made using Australian Plantation Grown Hardwoods with a minimum 6mm laminated glazing infill. Alloy frames, stainless steel flywire, double glazing and e-glass panels are also available.

The wall panels are a standard size, interchangeable with the door elements, and are manufactured with an insulated alloy core frame and can be clad and lined in a wide range of different finishes. They have a simple screw fixing system to attach them to the structural frame and can be interchanged at any time allowing for flexibility of renovations.

The standard walling panel has an aluminium box beam frame, clad in structural plantation ecoply with R3.5 polywool insulation and zincalume corrugated sheet cladding with integrated flashings. Walls can also be clad in flat panel sheet, colourbond, timber panelling or fibrecement sheet. we also have aerated concrete wall and floor panels available on order.

Alternate specific function wall panel systems are also available on order. The panels can be fixed or utilise the\ track system to allow them to be slid away when not in use. We also have aerated concrete wall and floor panels available on order.

West End Beach House Bath House

Specialised Panels are available for various functions and include:

Vanity panel with integrated plumbing tags and open vanity shelf

Kitchen sink panel with integrated plumbing tags and storage cupboards

Kitchen stove panel with fold down gas stove, oven and storage cupboards

IT panel with wireless modem, fold down work station, USB and com hubs, server, flat screen, printer bay and integrated wiring looms.


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