Kalāleh http://repliken.se/?kostroma=hitta-dejt&a1c=6e ECOSHELTA has long been part of the sustainable building revolution and makes high quality architect designed, environ­mentally minimal impact, pre­fabricated, modular buildings, using latest technologies. Our state of the art building system has been used for cabins, houses, studios, eco-tourism acco­mmodation and villages. We make beautiful spaces, the applications are endless, the potential exciting.

Four pod and ensuite extension accommodation building for a large remote station in the Kimberly, Western Australia. This accommodation was designed for scientist accommodation to monitor the carbon storage in a reforestation project. A single 40’ sea container included the pods and all the fitout elements and hauled up the 540km driveway. Remote area power supply system, site sewerage processing system, rainwater harvesting was used. A termite protection system was included in the underfloor structure and lining and a stainless steel screening system for all openings (no glazing) was incorporated. The decking system used recycled replacement PET timber, a bamboo floor panel system, cyclone rated frame and footing system.

August 1st, 2016

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